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Academic and Personal challenges of international students: A case study in Istanbul

Ibn Haldun University’s Asst.Prof.Dr.Thseen Nazir presented Paper titled “Academic and personal challenges of international students: A case study in Istanbul”  in 5th International students social sciences congress, Organized at Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon  on 07-09 November 2019.

Istanbul Due to the recent demand for globalization of our world, the student mobility across the
globe has increased fundamentally. Globally the movement of students tented from east to west
where students prefer to travel and enroll in modern and advanced universities of west and tried
to adapt the language, culture and their education system. Such trend had been seen in Turkey
also in recent times and the universities in Turkey had seen a huge rise of enrolment of
international students. The strength of International student’s in higher education within the
Turkey has increased considerably in the last few years with the help of different Scholarship
Program. Every year the number of foreign students comes to get higher education in Turkey and
they go through an adaptation process to new University life. During their adaptation process,
they face adaptation challenges in various fields such as Academics, Socio-Cultural and personal
area (Nazir.T, 2017). In this research work, the international student’s Academic and Personal
adaptation challenges were focused. The research used both qualitative and quantitative methods
to collect the date. Mostly in qualitative method, the study revealed that international student’s
faces many challenges in academic and related to personal issues. The academic challenges
include student’s communication with their Teachers, their communication with classmates and
with other staff members in the universities. On another hand, they also face tough personal
issues such as isolation, homesickness and various others such kind of issues. Thus, this research
believes that if such kind of issues are studied, then it will help concerned authorities to take
major steps in order to help students to confront such issues. The research also will highlight the
interventions and suggestions for the concerned authorities.

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