Guidance and Psychological Counseling



Guidance and Psychological  Counseling as a profession in the world is one of the highly sought-after career fields in Turkey as well. It is a discipline, that seeks solutions to the problems that arise in the family and education system in the selection of professions, along with the rapid social change brought about by industrialization and urbanization. Ibn Haldun University was founded to train psychological counselors who can bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures with the aim of solving the current problems with the valuable teaching staff in the field of Guidance and Psychological Counseling.

Aim of the department

Guidance and Psychological  Counseling Program aims to provide learning environments for students to explore psychological counseling and support methods in different cultures and to find research opportunities. As a learning and teaching policy, there are ways to recognize the existing methods, to discover the innovations, to create alternatives, to think differently and to produce independently. For this reason, it has set out to provide new and original projects and practice developments that can bring out the original and autonomous abilities of the students and work with them so that they can do all these mentioned.

Career Opportunities

Graduated students of this program:

  •  Can work on preventive mental health in the public and private sectors.
  •  Can work in primary, secondary and high schools as school counselors. Supporting them during the development process of the students, reducing the risk factors, and prioritizing the interventions that lead to crisis moments are priority tasks.
  •  Can serve as psychological counselors and administrators in kindergartens.
  • Can work at family and child courts, police headquarters, juvenile branch units, prisons, and State-run child care units.
  • Can work at the Guidance Research Centers (GRC), which are located in the Provincial Directorate of Ministry of National Education, develop guidance programs for schools and apply psychological tests.
  • Can pursue their academic career with masters and doctorate.
  •  Can take part in psychological counseling units that work towards the mental health of the students and staff of the universities.
  • Can work as psychological counselors at private counseling centers.
  •  Can work in special education and rehabilitation centers and special education schools.
  •  Can take part in human resource units of public and private institutions, career counseling centers, vocational training and public education centers.
  • Can work with various Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

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