Guidance and Psychological Counseling


Vision / Mission


The mission of the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Ibn Haldun University can be summarized as follows:

  • Classical and modern theories are assimilated, application skills are developed at the highest level,
  • A culture of neutral and ethical work with the notion of independence has been adopted,
  • Be able to identify everyday life problems and to be able to produce practical, creative solutions to these problems,
  • Educationally and socially disadvantaged groups can take psychological services with social responsibility awareness,
  • Work with schools and other social institutions in a coordinated manner to produce suitable projects, provide training and consultancy services,
  • Providing new, creative and alternative application recommendations using modern research methods,
  • To train psychological counselors who can explore the personal, cultural and spiritual values that they possess and who can move forward towards self-actualization


Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in İbn Haldun University conceives to be a prestigious and internationally recognized department that produces new approaches by blending traditional and modern theories, brings practical solutions to local problems by following developments at the global level, develops psychological counselors who synthesize Eastern and Western cultures by acting on the principle of ideological independence.

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